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Only the finest natural ingredients go to into our boiled, then baked, home made on the premises bagels!

We also fresh bake a wide selection of fresh breads, cakes, pikes, cookies and pastries. We offer an exciting array of fresh homemade soups and salads as well as a wonderful selection of our own fresh roasted meats and other fine quality deli items for you to enjoy here or take home.



Come in and relax over a bagel. We make sure all of our customers are satisfied with the atmosphere in our shop. It’s great for lounging and working!

Come & visit.

The best from us.


Of course, You Bagel’s is not just for bagel fans but for anyone who loves everything Deli. The aroma of bread and bagels baking in the ovens, homemade chicken soup simmering on the stove,  and hand sliced smoked fish


the recipe is simple, good food and generous portions. We are family owned an operated since 2017.  A unique restaurant where you can get almost anything your appetite desires.


We learned the time-honored, traditional methods that had made New York famous for bagels like kettle-cooking the bagels, then baking in a real stone hearth oven. We spent two and a half years working with a professional bagel baker to perfect our recipe and process.


Bitter & strong

Healthy doesn’t necessarily mean tasteless and plain. 

Coffee that is consumed has been roasted, somehow. The methods have varied, to be sure. In fact, heating coffee in a pan was common until well into the 20th century. Today, most coffees are roasted commercially. Here too, there are several different approaches. 


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